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    1. Impreza Aftermarket Lights & Accessories (0/2120) / 0
      Collection of low priced aftermarket lights, Lambo door conversions and carbon fibre hoods [A broken link]

    2. Impreza Turbo (1/1109) / 0
      Website dedicated to my Subaru Impreza's (98MY Turbo 2000, 99MY RB5 & 03MY STi) and its travels around Europe. [A broken link]

    3. Impreza WRX Club (Victoria, Australia) (0/1136) / 0
      Forums - Motorsport - Social events [A broken link]

    4. Impreza WRX Owners Club of WA Inc. (0/1248) / 0
      The Impreza WRX Owners Club of Western Australia is a club for motoring enthusiasts with a passion for performance cars. Our roots are with the awesome Subaru WRX, STi, Liberty B4, Liberty RS Turbo, Liberty GT and GT Forrester, however we're an OPEN club. [A broken link]

    5. All STi. All the time. (0/767) / 0
      The number one resource for STi owners on the Internet. is a tight knit community of STi enthusiasts. Originally started for the North American Subaru Impreza WRX STi owner, the site is expanding to including STi owners all over the globe. Feel free to stop in and say hi and give us your input. [A broken link]

    6. iRALLY.NET (1/934) / 0
      Subaru Impreza WRC results and informataion [A broken link]

    7. ITV F1 (0/930) / 0
      Official ITv F1 site [A broken link]

    8. J W Racing (0/1116) / 0
      We are specialists for Subaru, Evo, Focus RS, Mini, Honda, Peugeot, Motorbikes...
also catering for all performance cars and bikes [A broken link]

    9. Jap Innovations (2/2940) / 2
      Website for dealers in parts and accesories for Subaru cars. [A broken link]

    10. Jdm importers (0/1204) / 0
      Used Subaru impreza performance parts and new Parts for racing! [A broken link]

    11. Jos Boon Racing (0/856) / 0
      Official Jos Boon Racing website..specialised in Subaru rally cars ! [A broken link]

    12. KAD (0/977) / 0
      Since 1990, KAD has been designing and manufacturing high quality performance parts with a simple philosophy; high quality with sensible price, we don't cut corners, we know that always ends in tears. If you buy the right product first time, you need only buy it once. So when comparing our products with a competitors, please compare the relative specifications and materials as well as the price [A broken link]

    13. Lancashire and District Subaru Owners Club (0/933) / 0
      Lancashire and District Subaru Owners Club are a regional club dedicated to the furtherment and enjoyment of the Subaru marque.
Become a member of a friendly group with regular meetings, organised events and family days.

Full members also enjoy access to discounted OEM and aftermarket parts, accessories, servicing and repairs as well as performance and tuning products.

To join or for more information visit and view the membership forum.
 [A broken link]

    14. LitchField Imports (0/1027) / 0
      [A broken link]

    15. Magnex (0/1197) / 0
      There is no question - there's no debate...When it comes to choosing a stainless steel exhaust, Magnex for real style and seriously high quality finish. [A broken link]

    16. (0/821) / 0
      [A broken link]

    17. Mintex (0/814) / 0
      Mintex is one of the world leaders in both range and quality when it comes to brake pad friction. 
Our reputation as a quality Original Equipment supplier is second to none and this is reflected in our Aftermarket range.
The TMD Friction 
 [A broken link]

    18. Motec (0/879) / 0
      [A broken link]

    19. Motocars (0/1492) / 0
      See our selection of used Impreza's
We also do Parts for WRX and servicing [A broken link]

    20. Motocars Ltd (0/1655) / 0
      Subaru Impreza WRX, Sales, Servicing and Parts (new & Used) [A broken link]

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