- Buying an Impreza Checklist.

This checklist is provided in good faith by the site members. It is a good way of writing down all the findings after (or while) you are viewing your potential new purchase. File Print is a real useful way of using this document.

Please also note *** Autocheck .An online only service offering consumers a cost effective method of accessing vehicle history checks. The checks cover finance, stolen and insurance write off data in addition to the standard vehicle information.


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Body Work
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Check for chips & cracks on headlights & fog lights      
Check all lights are working      
Check for rust around wheelarches & windscreen      
Check amount of stone chips on bonnet, bumper & mirrors      
Check under door & window rubbers for sign of respray      
Check front and rear bumpers for cracks & scuffs      
Check inner plastic wings are in place and undamaged      
Check for chips & cracks on windscreen      
Check panel gaps - doors, bonnet, wings and boot      
Running Gear
Check tyre wear      
Check tyre for uneven wear      
Check tyre size      
Check wheels for kerbing scuffs      
Check front at back brake disc wear      
Check for shock absorber oil leaks      
Check springs - genuine or replacements      
Check exhaust back box rear mountings      
Check for gearbox oil leaks      
Check for rear differential oil leaks      
Check anti-roll bar tie rod arms - front and box      
Check for damage and/or rust under the car        
Check engine is cold      
Check oil level      
Check water level      
Check brake fluid level      
Check power steering fluid level      
Check for oil & fluid leaks      
Check boost solenoid hoses for oil      
Check for oil in water - vice versa      
Check over cleanliness of engine bay      
Check for previous leaks on underside of bonnet etc.      
Check chassis number plates have no signs of replacement      
Check oil filter is genuine - judge of dirty (sign of age)      
Listen very carefully for noises      
  - cams      
  - water pump      
  - injectors      
  - alternator      
  - bearings - with head under the car      
Check for fag burns - seats and carpet      
Check dash board for cracks      
Check all switches      
Check aircon operation      
Check heater fan operation      
Check handbrake operation - no more then 5 notches      
Check rev counter works      
Check gauges work      
Check electric window operation      
Check central locking operation      
Check spare wheel and tool kit      
Check for clutch judder      
Check for trust bearing noise - put foot on clutch then off      
Check gearbox isn't notchy - third to second      
Check gear-lever for sloppiness      
Check brake pedal travel      
Check brake efficiency      
Check steering wheel is level when driving straight      
Check for steering wheel judder when braking      
Check ABS operation if possible      
Check for general noises - rattles etc.-      
Check temperature gauge level      
Check for grey smoke on over-run      
Check all warning lights come on with ignition on (engine not running)        
Check cornering at speed      
Check CV joint noise on full lock at slow speed      
Check for smoke at 3000 rpm - out of gear      
Check log-book numbers against chassis plate      
Check number of previous owners      
Check service records - look at mileage intervals      
Check all receipts - see if any indicate mileage - check dates      
Check service mileage against receipt mileage - any date conflicts      
Check date of cam belt replacement      
Check date of clutch replacement      
Check date of oil changes      
Check date of engine change      
Check MOT length and details      
Check tax disc matches car details      
Total: - Buying an Impreza Checklist.