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Check Engine Light
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Check Engine Light

Just on my way home earlier, and only been driving for 5 minutes, and the check engine light came on. It then went off and then came back on, and then went off again. I heard no unusual noises and just checked my coolant level as it was empty the other day , don't know why, so i topped it up. The level has dropped abit, but would this cause the light to come on?

My rear pads are low, so will that cause the light to come on.

About 1 month back, the light came on, so i pulled the handbrake up and then let it off whilst driving and the light went off.

Its starting to worry me now.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Sounds like a definate intermittent fault somewhere though the handbrake/rear brakes wont affect it-i think the fact you put ya handbrake on an it went off were either something to do with the drop in revs at the time or were purely coincidental.

Generally on cars if theres a fault /worn pads (if wear indicators fitted) the handbrake warning light starts off flickering and eventually stays on (cars in general this is)if its a abs problem abs light stays on etc etc-check engine light literally is everything engine related only way to know whats up if it aint obvious is describe symptoms to someone on here if its running poor but ideally find out the faultcode.

Not sure if imports are the same as uk`s to read or not..............Pete where are ya.

As a side issue what were the temp gauge reading the other day when water were empty??? if ecu detected it were unusually hot may bring cel on.
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Im not sure on subaru ecu's, never had the pleasure of programming them but none of the above apart from excessive engine temp would bring on a cel light on any of our ecu's unless its a can-bus system. but even then each have their own warning light usually as said above.

If the engine is too hot then yes slug back power and put the car into limp home mode but doing that also raises the danger as the car is down on power and people try to "force the engine to work". 3k revs + low speed + high engine temp = problems. Its is the safer way though as people generally know its time for a trip to the garage so calm things down.

However once the engine is back to normal temps then the light should go out and the engine will produce almost full power once the ecu relearns its parameters assuming everything is ok.

Check the ecu for fault codes, you probably wont get one as the fault needs to register as constant for at least 30 seconds before a code is thrown but its worth a try.

Without a code im stuck at this point m8 and could throw out a random guess at the engine temp sensor doing its job or something out of the blue like dirt on the cam sensor which is almost 100% wrong but im sure someone who has more knowledge of impreza engines will come along and point you in the right direction.

Hope its fixed either way.
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are you sure its not the 'brake' warning light??

CEL light on your age would say "check engine"...................

having said that i came across a car recently that has the CEL and Hbrake light wired together to disguise a major fault!!!
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It done it again today, and the fan was on, so i put the heater on hot and turned it on to full. It did go out after a couple of minutes, so i think i might have a water leak, but still need to check the level.
It wouldn't have anything to do with the amount of anti-freeze that i put in would it?

At the moment, i think its something to do with my coolant dissappearing?

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