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Looking at some of the car care threads but cant make any sense of any of it. I want to wash my scubaru but I hear using water and washing up liquid damages paint :p. What do you use to wash your car clean? And all the stuff after making it all shiny and sparkly?
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Re: Basically?

Go into scoobyireland and look at scoobyblue's detailing thread - if you get anywhere near his results it will look great!
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Re: Basically?

good god,someone slap him!!!
washing up liquid on a car.....NEVER,may as well just park it on a beach and let the waves do the rest
a fair bit of salt is in it and will bugger any finish on a car!!!

list of cleaning agents used by some memebrs on here comprise of:-

Auto Glym.
DoDo Juice.
Simonize .
Chemical Guys.

all these brands do wash n wax,paint cleaners,paint restorers,polished,waxes,dress up,detail,engine,leather etc products

personally i use a mix a Megs and Auto Glym profesional and a few top secret trade produts aswell
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Young Scooby
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Re: Basically?

Thanks, haven't washed the scubaru in with washing up liquid though! :P
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Re: Basically?

As Ed says, any of those companies make decent cleaning products. Halfords is Hampden Park have all the Autoglym and Meguiars products in. Personally use the Megs Gold Class shampoo but the Autoglym shampoo is excellent too.

Generally use Autoglym super Resin polish to clean the paintwork after washing and then use a decent sealant/wax on top of that for protection. Currently using Blackifre Sealant, pricey but excellent results.

If you are looking for inspiration then check out any of UKdaves threads on here.
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Re: Basically?

If you want to see the obsessives at work then go to Detailing World. My current regime consists of Mer wheel cleaner, wash with Autoglym car shampoo using the 2 bucket method (ie a 2nd bucket to rinse your dirty mitt in to keep yuor wash bucket water cleaner), Iron X for removing iron deposits from paint/wheels, Megs Quick Clay and Detailer (though will try Bilt Hamber next), Megs paint cleaner, Autoglym super resin polish and Pete's 53 wax - all available from Cleanyourcar.co.uk (amongst others)

That's the full treatment and is only necessary 2/3 times a year. Also use a wheel wax to keep the brake dust at bay, metal polish and 4 nought wire wool to clean the exhaust and a clean and protect/bead system for the windows.

I did use to use the Megs polish and wax that came with the paint cleaner but a little research indicated they weren't the best, a switch to the Autglym SRP and Pete's 53 was like night and day. Very glossy and deep shine and the wax smells good enough to eat!
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