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newbie Q's....
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newbie Q's....

Gotta '99 uk turbo and curious about following...
1. How many de-cat options are there? is there just the one de-cat pipe? car's got filter and back box, will it need ecu upgrade?
2. Does anyone else's scoobs back end step out in wet? mine sodding does!! any reason why?
3. Any recomendations for front brakes.?... nothing too pricey...
4. Is un-leaded ok? does it need a dose of the strong stuff every now and then?
6. Waste-gates... what are they and what do they do?
thats about it really..... any help appreciated...
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hi rez

1, De cat options, you have two choices,
a. remove only the rear cat.
b. remove both cats and run the risk of failing emmissions tests.
It wont need an ecu remap, but it would set the car up for optimum running on your set up and bring the emmisions closer to what they should be.

2, cant help you with, what tyres you have on? pressures ok?

3, Front brakes, do you have the 2 or 4 pot ones? if you have the 2 pots have a try with foresters or grade a, or ebay for the four pots.
Braided brake hoses alround will help no end too.

4, should run ok on unleaded.

5, waste gate, from turbo technics
The Basics....

Air entering the engine first passes through an exhaust driven compressor. Compressed air results in a larger quantity of air being forced into the engine, creating more power.

The energy used to drive the turbo compressor is extracted from waste exhaust gasses. As exhaust gasses leave the engine they are directed through a wheel placed in the exhaust flow. The gasses drive the turbine wheel around, which is directly connected via a shaft, to the compressor wheel.

Increased exhaust gas drives the turbine wheel faster, this provides the engine more air, producing more power. A limit is met once a pre-determined boost pressure is achieved. At this point the exhaust gas is redirected away from the turbine wheel, thus slowing it down and limiting the maximum boost pressure. This redirection valve is known as the wastegate.

This extraction of energy, from exhaust gas, to improve engine efficiency is the device known as the turbocharger.

Turbochargers are usually seen as power enhancements on performance cars, but today, turbochargers are becoming more regularly used to provide greater torque on small capacity engines. The advantages of using a turbo engine include improved fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust emissions.


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1/ As Buzz says and keep the cats for MOTís should get away with just center cat. Or purchase a sports cat.

2/ Sounds like you are coming off throttle mid bend. Lifting of throttle puts the car weight to the front. The front grips and rear end goes light and around you go. Try going into bend slower and then planting it you should then get weight to rear and the front will drift slowly.

3/ As buzz says.

4/ If you are decatting your car run it on 97 98 Ron. I always run all my scoobs on 98 Ron. If your worried about fuel get a knocklink fitted.

5/ canít say more than Buzz says.
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