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water problem
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water problem

hi people i have a 1995 scooby turbo and when i run it the temp guage in the car is ok but when i turn off i can hear the water boiling ,apart from this the car is sweet ,can any body help ? thanks tony
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Re: water problem

Hi, have you done any work to the car recently and could you have a airlock (i cant see it being water boiling or u would have steam all over)
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Re: water problem

cheers yes had the car in lots of bits for new cambelt and water pump and new rad so i will check this out ,shal i just let it tick over with the top off , or do you know another way thanks
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Re: water problem

Hi Tony.

Have a look at this thread."airlock "

Link: overheating!!!

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Re: water problem

Say its only an airlock bud especially since waterpump was only changed. When the engine is cold standing over night in the morning or when car not driven in a few hours open rad cap NEVER open when engine warmed up, when rad cap off making sure coolant up to the top squeeze the Upper and Lower rad pipes you should see bubbles either at header tank or overflow expansion tank squeeze these hoses for about 3-4mins but make sure coolant stays at same level might need topping up a bit then secure all the caps on then Run engine for more than five minutes at 2,000 to 3,000 rpm. (Run engine until radiator becomes hot in order to purge air trapped in cooling system.) Then after this see if it still overheats keeping an CLOSE eye on Temp needle.I that dont cure it drain coolant and do this below and job done Hope it Helps

The radiator is of the pressurized type. Do not
attempt to open the radiator cap immediately
after the engine has been stopped.
1) Lift up the vehicle.
2) Remove the under cover.
3) Place a container under drain pipe.
4) Loosen and remove the drain plug to drain engine
coolant into the container.
5) For quick draining, open the radiator cap.
Be careful not to spill coolant on the floor.
6) Drain the coolant from reservoir tank.
7) Tighten the radiator drain screw securely after
draining coolant.
8) Slowly pour the prepared coolant from radiator
filler port to neck of filler, then pour into the reservoir
tank up to “FULL” level.
The SUBARU Genuine Coolant containing antifreeze
and anti-rust agents is especially made for
SUBARU engine, which has an aluminum crankcase.
Always use SUBARU Genuine Coolant,
since other coolant may cause corrosion.
9) Securely install the radiator cap.
10) Run engine for more than five minutes at 2,000
to 3,000 rpm. (Run engine until radiator becomes
hot in order to purge air trapped in cooling system.)
11) Stop the engine and wait until coolant temperature
lowers. Then open the radiator cap to check
coolant level and add coolant up to radiator filler
neck. Next, add coolant into reservoir tank up to
“FULL” level.
12) After adding coolant, securely the install radiator
and reservoir tank caps

Try the filling up of the coolant system this way, had never any problems doing this way might help

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