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i give up....
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i give up....

hi guys me again with the same old problem.....

dont know how many people read my previous million threads but basically my car keeps overheating!

the facts..
i fill car up with coolant
heating rarely gets hot or stays hot
when i squeeze the raditor hose i feel it flowing
coolant blows out of cap because of temperature/pressure
its got new thermostat but ive took it out because it overheats quicker with it in
oil is fine
no white smoke from exhaust
runs for around 20miles steady or if i boot it around 5 miles
no leaks anywhere
my turbo return coolant hose back to header tank split today and has now been replaced (noticed a bit of scale on metal pipe.)
new radiator
fans both work
when fresh coolant is added i bleed sytem for air, fans cut in and out when coolant is full and just warmed up but as soon as i drive it a few miles fans dont turn off.
i cant smell fumes in coolant but can gases get into here?
or would coolant go other way?
when getting hotter than normal radiator is actually cold, (maybe due to lack of coolant??)
ive ran out of money atm to take it into a garage (not running it now though) just wondered if any of you guys had any ideas,
im guessing head gasket but could it be a poor efficiency pump or something?
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Obsessed Scooby
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Re: i give up....

Strange one this did you try a new radiator cap? whats the condition of the waterpump? what coolant you using? as if its not the recommended it can corrode the system. Did you try filling coolant up this way as below?

Might be air in coolant system purge it might help ya

The radiator is of the pressurized type. Do not
attempt to open the radiator cap immediately
after the engine has been stopped.
1) Lift up the vehicle.
2) Remove the under cover.
3) Place a container under drain pipe.
4) Loosen and remove the drain plug to drain engine
coolant into the container.
5) For quick draining, open the radiator cap.
Be careful not to spill coolant on the floor.
6) Drain the coolant from reservoir tank.
7) Tighten the radiator drain screw securely after
draining coolant.
8) Slowly pour the prepared coolant from radiator
filler port to neck of filler, then pour into the reservoir
tank up to “FULL” level.
The SUBARU Genuine Coolant containing antifreeze
and anti-rust agents is especially made for
SUBARU engine, which has an aluminum crankcase.
Always use SUBARU Genuine Coolant,
since other coolant may cause corrosion.
9) Securely install the radiator cap.
10) Run engine for more than five minutes at 2,000
to 3,000 rpm. (Run engine until radiator becomes
hot in order to purge air trapped in cooling system.)
11) Stop the engine and wait until coolant temperature
lowers. Then open the radiator cap to check
coolant level and add coolant up to radiator filler
neck. Next, add coolant into reservoir tank up to
“FULL” level.
12) After adding coolant, securely the install radiator
and reservoir tank caps

Try the filling up of the coolant system this way had never any problems doing this way might help

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Re: i give up....

I would say head gasket failiure.
blah blah blah
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Re: i give up....

if you can borrow a coolant system pressure tester you could rule out the head gaskets you can also get a test kit that tests for hydrocarbons in the system though i am not sure how reliable they are.
afraid it sounds like the head gasket to me.
good luck
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Old 19 Nov 2009, 12:44 AM   #5 (permalink)
Obsessed Scooby
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Re: i give up....

Deal with this crowd a lot very good http://www.frost.co.uk/item_Detail.a...ng&subCatID=31 Hopefully will not turn yellow as Head Gasket Blown
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