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bleeding brakes??
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Young Scooby
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bleeding brakes??

as the title suggests what is the correct method for bleeding brakes on a 94 classic? cheers Rich.
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Obsessed Scooby
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Re: bleeding brakes??

In order to ensure that all the air is removed from the brake system,
it will be necessary to bleed the brakes on all four wheels.

The order in which you perform the bleeding is not critical but it is recommended
that you start at the rear and do these two wheels first and then the front two.
This will minimise the amount of potential cross-contamination between the new
and old brake fluid.

1. Jack up and secure the car, remove the wheel
and locate the bleed screw on the rear of the brake caliper body.
It will more than likely have a protective rubber cover over it that
you will need to remove and refit later.

2. Place your spanner onto the bleed screw (probably a 10mm spanner)

3. Place one end of the clear plastic hose over the nipple (end) of the bleed screw.

4. Place the other end of the hose into the disposable bottle. If you already have a
brake bleeding kit then this is what you will be using.

5. Place the bottle for waste fluid on top of the caliper body or drum assembly.
Hold the bottle with one hand and grasp the wrench with the other hand.

6. Instruct the your assistant to pump the brake pedal three times, and then hold
the pedal down firmly. At this point your helper should NOT to release the
brakes until told to do so.

7. Loosen the bleed screw by turn to release fluid into the clear pipe.
The screw only needs to be open for one second or less.
(The brake pedal drop down as the bleed screw is opened.
Your assistant should still keep their foot firmly on the brake pedal.)

8. Close the bleed screw gently and not using too much force.

9. Instruct your helper to take their foot off the brake pedal.
Note: do NOT release the brake pedal with the bleed screw is open,
as this will suck air back into the system.

10. Look at the brake fluid inside the clear pipe for air bubbles.

11. Continue with steps 1 to 10 until there are no more air bubbles visible.
You should find yourself repeating this process 5-10 times for each wheel.

12. After bleeding each wheel, check that there is sufficient brake fluid in the
brake reservoir in the engine bay (where you top it up).

13. Ideally start at the right rear wheel, and then left rear, right front, left front.

14. Before you drive anywhere, make sure that you have refitted everything,
bleed nipple covers, wheels, wheel nuts etc............

and then sit in the car and check the feel of the brakes, they should be firmer
than they were before.

Once you are confident that they feel better and that the car is safe, take the car
for a steady drive. Check the brakes before you get up to any great speed,
they should feel firmer and more responsive.
Mapped by Enginetuner(Plymouth)..
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Young Scooby
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Re: bleeding brakes??

Thanks pilot, thats great advice.
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Fresh Scooby
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Re: bleeding brakes??

Good advice mate! It also help me! Cheers! Your guide is simple and easy to understand.
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Cool Scooby
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Re: bleeding brakes??

as pilot explains above!well explained mate
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