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turbo whine
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Question turbo whine

Hi all,
This is my first thread as I only recently puchased a 1999 STI (what a rocket).my question is this,after a run in the car and when the engine is switched off there is a whine from the turbo (almost like a jet engine shutting down) for about 5-10 seconds.I'm just wondering is this normal or is it an indication of possible turbo failure,The car drives well with no smoke from the exhaust,milage is 70000
Any ideas much appreciated
Peter 135
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Re: turbo whine

Hows it going that noise is the turbo spooling down when shut off you are going to get a bit of whine 5-10 seconds should be ok just wants its not a very noticible noise mine is a low whine. If you want to be sure i would take a screwdriver pointy bit to the turbo not heat sheild and put your ear to the top of handle and listen to it shutting down you will hear the whine if it sounds loud rattly the bearings could be worn then to be sure again take off the intercooler and check the pipes you will get a small bit of like dark residue very small amount but if they oil in the intercooler the seals in turbo are gone bad possibly due to bearing failure so that would be a new turbo but say your grand with that noise best of luck with the car they great
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Old 17 Aug 2008, 11:17 AM   #3 (permalink)
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Re: turbo whine

yeah i agree with above post i wouldnt say its a problem its in a turbos nature to make a whistle/some whine when spooling up/down, some people seem to think if there turbo is whistling etc its a problem but it isnt!! the problem is as mentioned if its really whining loud or a rattle indicating the bearings are on there way out. the only way to keep your turbo up to sctatch is simply change your oil as often as poss...
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Old 07 Sep 2008, 06:12 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Re: turbo whine

air leak. thats aw. turbo whine it says....check the t piece hose fae the actuator tae the turbo (that goes tae the boost solenoid) - theres leaking somewhere leaking under pressure hence the jet engine shutting down noise

if it wiz whistlin it'd be a vacuum leak

its no yer bearins inside the turbo cause ye'd be blawin oil through yer hoses first sign, ye'd be gettin predetonation - fuel explodin in the intake chamber and some splats eh oil oot the BOV

ah'd say it wis a pressure leak though, near tae the turbo if ye can here it runnin doon when the wastegates openin

guid luck.

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Re: turbo whine

mine does a bit and has done from brand new, its a vf34 though
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Re: turbo whine

are you sure its the turbo making the noise?

The rad fans can also make a bit of a whine when you switch off more so if you have had the aircon on cause they run all the time

Just a thought
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