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95 WRX - Auto box fault - So Converting Auto to Manual - Need Advice Please!!
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95 WRX - Auto box fault - So Converting Auto to Manual - Need Advice Please!!

Hi there.

Has anyone got any experience with converting an Automatic to Manual?

I have a 95 WRX Import and its gone through 3 gearboxes in the last 18 months. I havnt driven it like a nutter because I have been concious of the problem, but I am getting tired with changing boxes!! Last one was second hand and did 600 miles before it started to loose 4th, then third and would bearly get into second!!

I reckon there is something wrong with the wiring or ECU somewhere. The Car is currently on the ramp and I have taken the duff autobox out and have another to go in, but I don't want to, I rather take the time to Convert it to Manual

You might say, "why not just get a Manual car then?"
The reason is, that I cant sell this one without a Gearbox that is trustworthy! Also, the rest of the car is really good and I dont want to part with it!!
So, My plan is to get a salvage/scrapped Manual Car and do all the swaps.

Below is a list of things that I think I need to do and be aware of.

Fit Flywheel
Change Rear Diff and possibly prop shaft.
Swap the Pedal boxes so i gotta clutch pedal!
Use Manual Gearbox Cross Member
Change Plastic Gear tunnel surround to hold the gearstick rubber boot.
Play with the wiring on the Starter Motor so it will start (Without Auto box needing to be in neutral or Park - Cuz it has gone!)

But there are a few things I am unsure about and would like some advice.
Do any other parts of the AUTOBOX wiring effect the engine ECU?
Will I need to change the dash boards (I.e Speedo's and Gueages) over so that the speedo gives a correct speed, or can I leave the Auto one in there?
Do the drive shafts for Maunal Cars and Auto Cars have the same splines for the gearbox and diffs, or will I need them too?
I guess the exhaust will be the same, or will I need to swap that too?

Are there any other things I need to know about or be aware of?


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I used to have a '96 WRX wagon that was Auto and was still on the original box with no problems. Not sure what's going on with yours?

ON topic, I did find a comprehensive write up on how to do this on a leggy (though the writer states that the procedure is basically the same for an Impreza) but can't for the life of me find it again. It was however a very involved and lengthy process. I'll do my best do dig it up again.
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Thanks for that!

If you can help that would be really great!

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