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PLEASE PLEASE HELP... fuel problems i think...
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Unhappy PLEASE PLEASE HELP... fuel problems i think...

I have recently bought a 2001 imprezza about 3 weeks ago.

Today whilst driving it just lost total power no matter what gear, the engine management light came on, it was as if it went into limp mode but 10x worse. I slowed down and then parked up, it idled fine... tried to set off and it's felt as though something was pulling it back.... like ECU not letting fuel through..or some sort off pressure switch. but this was only when I was trying to move

I was stuck in the countryside for 20miles away from home, anyway rung AA... mechanic checked car out and diagnostics machine and said P1137 fuel air metering + P0031 O2 sensor.

He checked all the sensors, idle etc etc... unplugged MAF sensor, car turned off... unplugged O2 sensor and just about managed to drive it home jerking and limping.....AA man was meant to be following me but he decided to F*** off...Rung AA and they said another guy will turn up with in an hour.... I have an ill 2 month baby and really wound me up then I just drove it home as is.

Anyway it has had brand new o2 sensor so this does not make any sense...

Please someone point me in the right direction...

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OK I have researched some more using this forum:

These are the actual fau;t codes.

P0031 Front oxygen (A/F) sensor heater circuit low input
P1137 Front oxygen (A/F) sensor circuit range/performance problem

Where is the FRONT oxygen sensor located?
And also where is the REAR oxygen sensor?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Have merry Xmas and happy new year.

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Sounds like an electrical plug has come unplugged to me. The front sensor as far as i know is in the up pipe from the manifold to the first cat before the turbo. the rear sensor is after the first cat and before the second.

If you only had one fault code for a single sensor then yeah i would say its duff but then again im not sure on the newer impreza's as they have, for lack of a better word, stupid fault diagnosis. I have a feeling it was added as an afterthought in the latter stages of design. So much for OBDII compliance.

Have a look under the car at the first sensor in the exhaust manifold before the turbo and make sure the wiring is ok and not been knocked with a stone etc. After that im not sure m8 although im sure someone will come along and help more than me.

Either way hope its fixed soon.
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Front & rear Oxygen (02 Sensor) location.



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Hi guys, hope you had a good Xmas!

I have bought my self a diagnostic computer. I have cleared the EML light.

I have removed the rear Lambda sensor and car seems to be running much better... EML light is not comming on so NO LIMP mode ...... but is sucking fuel like mad.... if the revs drop below 3,000 it hesitates.... it is as if there is a blockage or it is not getting the right air/fuel mixture.

another thing I have noticed is if i try to hold the revs it drops down then goes up as if someone is strangling the fuel line then letting go! This could be the throttle sensor right?

I think it's over fueling, hence the reason why it work better with the LAMBDA sensor out but plugged in and put to one side.....what should I be checking???

The LAMBDA sensor was plugged in but not in the exhaust and it got really hot.... is this normal???

Someone mentioned MAF sensor .... what are the symptons of a dodgy or dirty MAF?

Thanks for your help guys.... its my first Subaru.... I know my stuff when it comes to rover/MG's or Honda.

Have happy new year everyone!! (I am stuck indoors - no car over xmas too... all garages shut.... so annoying!!!)

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prob worth getting it on a dyno and seeing whats happening, will tell you if its a fueling issue or a sensor issue, where abouts in the uk are you?
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