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Start up problem
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Old 17 Dec 2006, 12:31 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Start up problem

Hey guys,

Bought a 99 Impreza 5 door turbo a few weeks ago but having a lot of trouble starting the engine. Wondered if anybody here could help me out!

We took it for a run the day after buying it and it was fine until we stopped and switched the engine off. It didnt start up again so had to call out an mechanic. He gave the battery a boast and we got it back home. Half way there, the engine temp went through the roof. Opened up the bonnet and 1 of the pipes from the radiator had ruptured and sprayed anti freeze all over the engine bay.

It later turned out someone had fitted a new radiator but fitted the pipes to the expansion tank the wrong way round!!

Still having engine start up problems, right now though. I've changed the crankshaft sensor, changed the spark plugs put a new battery into it. Yet I am still having problems, sometimes it will start, sometimes it doesn't and just sits there turning over, its quite random. We have had a mechanic round and he can't seem to find anything obvious yet.

Any idears about what it could be??
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Have a look at the air-filter and fuel filter they could be clogged


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Hi m8

When you turn the ignition on can you hear the fuel pump whirring for a second or so, if you can't hear the pump then that might be the problem.......my car had the same symptoms a couple of months back....it would start then it wouldn't, then one day it packed in all together.

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Thanks for the replys guys its much appreciated! I can definatly here the fuel pump and the fuel filter looks relatively new. Altough I'll investigate that a bit more when I get some time in the week. I don't know if anyone thinks it's worth looking at the engine management system? Or fuel injectors? May have to get it sent down to a subaru garage and see what they can do.

Thanks again!!
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Old 18 Dec 2006, 09:39 AM   #5 (permalink)
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I had same prob a few weeks ago turned out it was the sigma alarm, it would turn the fuel pump on then a couple of secs later would cut it off.. Everything else worked ok, just would not start,, also it would cut out at traffic lights for no reason at all..And would not start till it was ready
This was intermitant fault..

Took it to the main dealer they did a fault find on the alarm tinkled wiv it and nps since..
Just a idea for ya m8...
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Old 19 Dec 2006, 08:39 AM   #6 (permalink)
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Thanks for that mate! Don't think its an alarm problem as we don't have any sort of emobiliser on it. Another symptom came up last night though.

We had an idear that it might be temperature related. It has started up the last few days first thing in the morning, we've used it for a short drive and then the engine has failed to start again. If anything I would have though it would be worse starting from cold then hot. Anyway we decided to test that last night.

Took it out for a drive around town to try and work some heat up in the engine and well...

The temp gauge was staying put in the middle of the dial which we figured was normal. Stopped at a roundabout and the temp shot up, and was reading max. Moving again and the airflow must have been taking the temp back down to the halfway point. As everytime we stopped at a junction or something the temps went through the roof.

Got back home, opened up the bonnet to have a look, both radiator fans were on. Pipe going into the radiator was red hot, coming out was cold as you would expect. Yet the engine itself was overheating and we'd only been out 30mins.

Like i said before the guy who owned this before us had 2 of the radiator pipes crossed. Does anyone here think it could have done some sort of damage to the engine which is causing it to overheat, and intermitently not start??

Thanks Guys!!

I'm going to get it down to a Subaru garage at some point soon, but any thoughts are much appreicated! I'll keep you all uptodate incase this happens to anyone else.
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Old 19 Dec 2006, 10:56 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Ok, i think we are going to try a new thermostat and water pump... Fingers crossed this sorts it.
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please keep us informed

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