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Subaru owners - fraudulently presented bankers’ drafts
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Subaru owners - fraudulently presented bankers’ drafts

Originally Posted by Operations, RAC Trackstar @ Scoobynet
From Operations at RAC Trackstar - Thefts involving Bankers’ Drafts

Subaru owners should be aware of a recent trend in thefts involving fraudulently presented bankers’ drafts. Evidence suggests that Subarus, specifically, are being targeted.

RAC Trackstar has, within the last three weeks, been informed of the thefts of a number of Imprezas where the vendor has been presented with a seemingly genuine banker’s draft purporting to be from Lloyds TSB. The exchanges have been conducted after banking hours and the unsuspecting victims have only then discovered some time the next day that the banker’s draft cannot be honoured. Obviously, in the intervening time your car could be any distance away and in any number of pieces.

In one case, an Impreza “purchased” in this manner was immediately used to drive to the home of another vendor where a similar deception was carried out and another Impreza stolen. Appointments for both these “sales” were arranged for times after banking hours and nothing was suspected until the next day.

RAC Trackstar advises that, if a potential purchaser wishes to pay by banker’s draft, you should only agree to complete the sale and surrender the car at or after a time when you can confirm the legitimacy of the payment. If this cannot be done at the time, do not release the car under any circumstances. Any legitimate buyer will understand your need to ensure the security of your property and should be prepared to wait (for example, you won’t find anyone shipping your e-bay purchases until your cheque has cleared). If they are not prepared to wait you should think very carefully about declining the sale altogether.

Incidents thus far reported to RAC Trackstar have occurred across a broad area centred in the midlands, roughly following the shape of the M5/M42 corridor and as far apart as Gloucester and Nottingham. Obviously there is no reason to assume that similar attempts will be limited to this region.

As always, all car owners are advised to exercise care and caution to aid the security of their property. Always keep your keys and fobs secure, never leave them near any door or window and, if selling, do not relinquish possession of your car unless payment is either completed or has been checked and confirmed by the organisation responsible for the movement of the funds.

RAC Trackstar is the leading satellite-based stolen vehicle recovery system available and protects thousands of Subarus. However, measures that you can take yourself to prevent theft and fraud are the first and best way to keep your property safe.

Best wishes,

Operations, RAC Trackstar.
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:shock: :shock: wow , people will try anything to get there hands on a scooby apart from
actually honestly working to get it .............. :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Cut their b*llocks off I'd say - one of my mates had his Fireblade (3 months old) nicked from outside his office 20 feet away! Van pulled up three blokes with helmets got out picked it up and put in the back of the van within 30 secs - got padlocks chains alarm etc. Phoned the Police to check the local (Richmond council) security camera when they informed us security means only to nick people going in the bus lane. Cynical me. Never mind he's got to drive his M3 now - he really is sad!?!?!? :shock:
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