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Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?
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Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?

Mine would have to have been with an Evo 5 he followed me from the city for about 30mins and just wanted to have a go for it, got stuck at the lights before the open dual carraige ways, he thought he was the business big smug head up on him cocky out well did he get some landing when I took off and stayed ahead by about 4 car lenghts PRICELESS!!!! next set of lights I was the one looking at him now who has the faster car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?


I have only had my current car since september, havent had the oppurtunity for alot play, but about seven weeks ago, I was on my way to work, 30 miles away, the first part of the journey is a country road full of trackters, old people and massive lorries.

I was overtaking people every chance I could get, and when i pulled out, a civic type r pulled out about 50 meters ahead, I caught up to him in no time, but he didnt leave me any room to pull in behind him, that really pissed me of, when i did get back in, he slowed down to 50, then put his foot down.

That reeeaally pisssed me off, I thought what a plonker!! So I put my foot down too, caught up again just let him know he cant leave me for dust, we carried on like this for about 10 miles, there were a lot twisties, so I was trying to control the understeer (car was completley standard), but I could tell he was trying really hard to get away and I wasnt going to let that happen, I was scared a little bit, because I havent had my car that long, and im not fully used to it yet,.

but we ended up joining the motorway and I was destroying him!! I could tell my car had a lot more to give, for a while i was in the outside lane just keeping up with him, and letting him think he can pull away, finally I went wizzing past at around 125mph, then slowed down waiting for him, but by that point I think he realised he wasnt going to win, and and just put his hand up and smiled.

In the end I missed my bloody exit, but it was a lot of fun

Looking forward to more of the same after I get a remap, but to beat an evo the way you did would be awsome!!

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Re: Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?

few years ago now.

Ferrari 355 F1......................leave Pilot to fill in the rest
blah blah blah
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Re: Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?

quite a few to choose from,
Played with Ferrari, not sure what type it was. I couldn't get past him but I was stuck to his mirror like glue.
Dartford bridge, south bound, took a Porsche turbo from standing start.
Henlow carriageway, didn't realise there was road works on a roundabout and hit it at silly speed, drifted on loose chippings and took my exit perfectly. Mostly luck if I'm honest but was great sideways action
These cars are so much fun and even better when you compare the cost to the 60k + sports cars
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Re: Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?

too many to mention, theres the civic ra that thought he had a fast car, the porsche at the traffic lights, possible fave was the long drive from Leicester to Lanark to take part in the Mcrae Gathering..... what an EPIC convoy!!!!!
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Re: Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?

Traffic lights at Bourges Boulevard in Peterborough, Im sitting their and a Boxter pulls up with some tosser driving and bimbo in tow. Looks over and gives me a sarcastic laugh, lights change and I take off - he is surprised. His lane has road works, 2 lanes are soon to become 1 with mine being the 1 ! I keep pressing and he has to pull in behind me or else his Boxter is going to be mated with a JCB. Quick look in the mirror and hes not amused. Actually she was trim on the second viewing lol.
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Re: Whats your best play you ever had in your Impreza?

Originally Posted by jd View Post
few years ago now.

Ferrari 355 F1......................leave Pilot to fill in the rest

one word on that one then.......SPANKED x2
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