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Topping Up Oil
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Topping Up Oil

My son owns a 2004 Impreza and he believes that he should never have to top up his oil. But worse than that he believes that Subaru will replace his motor if he blows it. I'm quite sure a warranty is not covered even if you just fail to change your oil in a timely manner. I don't know why but he seems to be getting the impression from a forum that he belongs to that it is not necessary for him to top up the oil. I tried to explain to him that if there is a problem he still needs to top it up; he can't just let it run down 2 quarts and expect a warranty to cover it. This would be negligence. I can't get through to him so if there are any Impreza owners out there that could back me up; I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.
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Top up the oil.... Subaru only service every 10k nowadays (wrx) but the oil should really get changed every 5k miles (50 at subaru garage).... top up is good but better still a new lot :wink:

Welcome to your first post.......... This forum wouldnt advise the oil be left for the full 10k :wink:

Mine gets changed every 5k but checked on a regualr basis.... Some classic owners on here would change every 3.5k

All the best
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It is the owners responsability to maintain the vehicle this includes oil and water levels.

Would he continue to drive his car with a flat tyre........ NO.

Subaru's can burn a bit of oil and should be kept within the min and max marks on the dipstick......

Can you imagine ..... Your son "My engine has blown up" Garage "Oh looks like it has no Oil" Your son "yeah I know it has run out, but hey thats your responsability" Garage "are you saying you knew it was low but continued to drive the car"

All the best

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