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DCCD vs normal on ice ?
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Cool Scooby
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DCCD vs normal on ice ?

Did anyone ever have the opportunity to gauge the difference between a "normal" STi (with passive diffs) and a WR1 or 2005 STi with DCCD on ice or compact snow (or on really slippery roads) ?

I'd like to hear about anybody's experiences.

Living in this corner of the woods, we got quite a bit of ice for 5 months of the year (also see album pics - 2003 cars). When I got scoob, I was hoping it would be a dream if pushed hard in those circumstances.

In reality, the diffs seem to always lock a fraction of a second too late (i.e. after the wheels started spinning and the car already got sideways) and accentuate heavily the oversteer.
They're also no help under breaking with serious oversteer if you hit the brakes to make it oversteer a bit before a corner. :nightmare
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the ABS doesnt seem to help either! Unsure that the scoobs standard setup is designed for this terrain... ice and ABS just dont go together :P

Great fun though! but that was in an open car park (ice rink) .. 360's

sorry cant help with the thread!
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Cool Scooby
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Sport ABS ?

Funny you say about the ABS.

When the STi was first launched, I remember reading it would have an ABS set-up that would be focussed more on sporty driving. :?

Instead of applying less force to the inside wheels as is the case with normal modern cars, e.g. BMW's Cornering Brake Control (CBC), to avoid that the car would oversteer, Subaru was said to have applied the opposite logic, i.e. set-up the ABS such that the inside wheels would get more braking power to improve entry into corners and make handling more lively.

It clearly does not work on mine. :evil:

Still, I would have hoped the DCCD would help under acceleration. The passive diffs as said just lock too late and make the car even more difficult to correct when it's sideways.
Hence the question whether anybody tried ?
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