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Check Engine Light On - New Cat?
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Check Engine Light On - New Cat?

Hello to all!

I am a long time Impreza owner but new forum member. I have a 2000 Impreza RS Sedan that I have owned since new. With 4 winter tires it is pretty much unstoppable in the snow. Its a great winter car. I am quite fond of it, but there are two things about it that just keep giving me headaches.

Firstly, from fairly early on, maybe as early as 1.5 years into owning the thing, there has been problems with oxygen sensors. I had a number replaced while the car was under warranty - maybe 3 or 4 - and have replaced at least a couple, maybe more, since. Each time the replacement was required after the Check Engine Light (CEL) came on. Now, the CEL is back on and this time Subaru is telling me the code is suggesting it is not the oxygen sensor that is the problem, but the cat converter. I trust my dealership, but, given the problems I have had over the years, and given that the car has only about 120,000km on it, I am concerned about paying for a new cat and then having the check engine light back on in another year.

Secondly, for about the last two years I have usually had some trouble putting gas in the car. More often than not, the gas pump clicks off well before the tank is full. I end up having to try putting the nozzle in at different angles to try to pump more than 2 or 3 litres at a time. Sometimes different angles help, sometimes they don't, and I and up taking probably 5 times as long to fill the car as I should due to frequent stoppages and having to flow the fuel in at a very low rate. It is a pain in the ass.

With all of that background, a few questions from a forum newbie:

1) Has it been a common problem for Impreza's to go through oxygen sensors at the rate mine has?

2) Is catalytic convertor failure at only 120,000km common?

3) Anybody else had a problem with fueling, and if so, what fixed it? I spoke with my dealer about it, and he had no ready solution. Also, could there be a link between fuel filler problems and my newest check engine light reading?

4) I may be keeping this car for another 5 years. And I do not know if other parts of my exhaust are soon going to need replacement. If so, rather than paying for factory parts, I may go with aftermarket. If I were to go with aftermarket and wanted a permformance upgrade, are there any recommended systems? I would be looking for moderate performance gains without a significant increase in exhaust noise.

Long post, many questions. Most appreciative of any advice or comments.

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Re: Check Engine Light On - New Cat?

Hows it going firstly are the oxygen sensors an original part as non original o2 sensors can play up in some cars, also are you using an octane booster in the car as some of the additives contain lead substances and eventually the o2 sensor will fail, also cat could well be at fault.

Second the problem with the hose nozzle clicking change the angle you putting it or change petrol stations to see if any difference
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