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enlighten me please
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enlighten me please

ive had me scoob about 5mts now and im getting confused,all this talk of wrx,sti,pi,prodrive, MY this and that ,now i know the difference between bug eye and classic, other than that im lost .what have i got ?is it just a bog standard impreza
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Hi eric, you have the classic turbo 2000 (facelift you may hear)

wrx was the jap import version
STi is the subaru technica international tuning division.
PPP is Prodrive Performance Pack, ( new ecu, sports cat, uprated fuel pump)
My is model Year
Bug eye is the 2001-2003 model.
Blob eye is 2003-

Hope that helps

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I am assuming you have (looking at your avatar) a 2001 UK turbo 2000 (classic 2.0 ltr)

Its the equivalent of the WRX (then an import model).. The WRX has come to light in the UK over recent years (someone correct me please if im wrong here :? )

The UK turbo 2000 is the WRX equivalent for its time. The STI has always had the extra bhp and extra bits and bobs.

The PPP or Prodrive versions are sent to prodrive for the added extras (bit more bhp again)... a wrx, uk turbo sti could all go to prodrive for an upgrade...

The bug eye is the newage impreza pre 2003 with the dodgy of a front end... some like most dont! (*sorry)

The drop eye 2003 and post is the changed front end after subaru came under heavy criticism about the newage front end (basically they changed after so many complaints)

There is a list of acronyms here: http://www.subaru-impreza.org/subarutalk/faq.php this may be of some use to you also.

Hope that clears up a bit?>
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thanks fellas that helps a lot ops:
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