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Service help
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Service help

My impreza wrx import is due for a service soon and i was wondering what parts are gonna be the best to use like what spark plugs to use and what oil is best for it. any help would be great


also where can i buy them from .
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For the oil i would check out the following thread - :shock: Its long but a good read:

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The article that Gareth has produced will certainly help with the oil question - I personally have always used Motul300V but currently use Silkolene 10W50 and this stuff seems to be very good - one tip with the oil change is don't use an aftermarket Oil filter - try and use an OEM official Subaru part as its a known fact that the 'Halfords' type filters don't filter and drain as well as the oem parts.

As for Spark Plugs - well NGK PFR7B's are the accepted Norm for Import Imprezas. Also with these plugs make sure they are gapped to 0.7mm

Drivetrain oil - I personally recommend Castrol Syntrax - bloody good stuff and makes the gearbox quite fluid if you know what I mean (a lot less clunking). If you are doing Brake Fluid then the Motul DOT4.1 or DOT5.1 is good stuff and a good price too.

I hope this helps ?
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Apart from the cost of servicing at a dealer, unless your car is a fully blown Jap import, what stops you going to your local dealer for service, as the majority of Countries now fall within the "EU" criteria, which the Subaru Uk limitations for servicing cry out for.
But yep, stick to a decent 10w/40 oil, never use anything thinner like a 5w or you will be in for trouble in the long run. As for decreasing the plug gaps to 0.7mm, be careful, as you may decrease the spark gap too much and not get a "full burn" from the air/fuel mix and cause the plugs to foul, as they wont reach optimum temperature.
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Originally Posted by 1999Turbo
For the oil i would check out the following thread - :shock: Its long but a good read:

Hi Gareth,
Just read the 'oilman' article again and have a couple of observations.
'Oilman' says, Quote - Which is why Subaru (and probably your local dealer) recommends a 10w-50 - End Quote.

My local dealer, who supplied my car, Subaru Japan and my owners manual 'all' recommend 5W - 30 motor oil.
Why is there a difference in the advice given in the article?
OK it may be a difference between Japan and the UK, higher tune etc, but......
the Author of this thread clearly states that his WRX is an import (from Japan maybe?) and therefore 'oilmans' article would be against Subaru Japan's advice.
Of course I qualify all that I have said with the possibilty that this advice MAY be for my model STi only.
Worth checking out though. :wink:

P.S. Ford switched to recommending 5W - 30 sometime after the introduction of the Duratec engine. iirc some engines suffered 'valve stick' and subsequent damage due to the 10W - 40 that had previously been used. :shock:

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