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Someone ran into my car
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Ive ran into someone with my car however it were into the bk of them so it were straight fwd to sort and my insurance co really had no way of getting out of it,didnt help as it were the lads mums car (new hyundai coupe)car braked hard in front of him for one turning left at last minute,he pulled out in front of me to miss it-as i were intending passing hence my speed-nearly missed him but clipped and broke his rear bumper but that got sorted out without problems-i guess one way round it if youre struggling (if the guys genuine) is for him to write a letter to your insurance company admitting liability-i suppose then theres no way for his insurance company getting out of paying up.
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I know this is no use now, but from experience i will always search for a witness. had a similsr experience were an old codger ran into me admitted liability but then denied it. Fortunatly the police had the phone call on record were he stated he admitted it was his fault and dint have a leg to stand on
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Originally Posted by uk dave View Post
Hows that?? lol if someone gets out the car at the scene and says sorry mate i were in the wrong then changes their mind later once insurance is involved who`s to say you havent made up the fact theyve admitted liability-without an independent witness to the accident or an admission in front of a police officer/other witness at the scene i reckon you will be struggling.. sorry folks.

lets face it tidgy if it were that easy dont ya think even if accidents were ppl`s own fault they`d just ring insurance and say yer the other guys admitted responsibility regardless ...........wake up mate lol Remember insurance companies dont like paying out its in their interest to be awkward
tbh im the sort of person that if its my fault i'll say there and then adn also later on, if your in the wrong you know and should own up for your actions, to many people who will shaft you over to get away with things nowadays.
prob one of the major flaws with modern society
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Agreed most ppl just think about themselves....im always suprised when ppl go out their way to help or be honest coz i think now its not really the norm unfortunately.
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