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Engine Conversion
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Engine Conversion

Hi guys im a newbie here and a newbie to subarus and cars in general so please could you keep things simple for me makes me sound daft but hey ho.

I have just got a subaru impreza GL 2lt 4WD and it has a 2lt turbo engine in it, the guy i got it from has no idea about whats inside it so no help there.

I want to try and find out what engine is actually in the car but cant seem to find the engine number, i know its a EJ20 engine and that it also says on the sides its a 4 cam 16 valve. i have looked for the engine number but had no luck i have been looking for a gd8 engine code as the chassis is a 92 classic so guessing the engine is a 92-00 model not sure if any other year engine would fit. any help on locating the engine number would be great ive looked under the inter-cooler as best i could see and to be honest it has a huge front mount inter-cooler an the pipes are just as big so struggling there, i also read to look by the bell housing but cant see much there either and also by the alternator, ive found loads of numbers but nothing starting GC8. help on that would be great.

next i come to the diagnostics of the car from what ive read the car is pre obd readers so no joy on just plugging it in an checking, the ecu has a stage 1 map and i dont like the idea of the cables under the steering coloum in case i wipe the ecu there are 2 cables coming from the ecu that somebody in the past has left 2 jumpers coming off not connected to anything is there a way of connecting to a laptop to check everyhting.

Any help on these things would be great as i have no idea thanks in advance.
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Re: Engine Conversion

Gc8 us the chassis type.
Engine number should start EJ...
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Re: Engine Conversion

Oh ok so the engine is a ej20 is there anyway to find out what car it came out of because from what i have found on google it could be from a wrx or a legacy, am i also correct that the ej20 engine was manufactured from 2002 onwards i think i read that on wikipedia.
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Re: Engine Conversion

EJ20 is from 1992 until 2005 ish?
the difference is the letter at the end,
your better off looking at the turbo and trying to work it out from that, if its got a td05 on then its from a wrx, a td04 then a UK car and VF then a sti(all ish as the turbo may have been swapped),then look at the ecu, again the type should help narrow down what it could be or from,
I think that`s the best way you will find out .
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Re: Engine Conversion

Excellent ill give that at gd look round after work , my guess is an older engine as there is no obd2 port in the car unless they have hidden it or cut it from the loom still puzzled on what the 2 wires that have been jumpered to the ecu are.
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Re: Engine Conversion

If its not the origional engine then the engine code could mean squat im afraid. ej20 will be a standard open deck 2.0, but it could have anything inside it or even be running a larger cc running a stroker or block mods.

only way to tell is strip it down.
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