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Rallye Sunseeker 05 - Bournemouth 25th & 26th February
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Rallye Sunseeker 05 - Bournemouth 25th & 26th February

Anyone fancy going to this:-


to see some scoobs etc in their natural habitat :wink:
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Can vouch for this one

Went to this last year was at the stage through the grounds of somerley house, really good but bloody freezing and muddy, wouldnt have minded but I was in a hired pug 106 and very nearly got stuck in the car park, lots of cars needed a tow out.

Think they have a special stages on the Friday in the gardens at Bournemouth wouldnt mind going to that this year.

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The list of entrants is out now:-

1 Roger Duckworth, Mark Broomfield- Subaru Impreza WRC-1994- B13
2 Steve Perez, Neil Dashfield -Ford Focus -1998-A8
3 David Higgins, Daniel Barritt-Hyundai Accent WRC-1998-A8
4 Marcus Dodd, Andrew Bargery- Hyundai Accent WRC-1998 -B13
5 Mark Perrott, Patrick Walsh-Ford Escort WRC-1993 -B13
6 Barry Johnson, Stewart Merry-Subaru Impreza -1994- B13
7 Craig Middleton, Robin Hernaman-Hyundai Accent WRC-1998- A8
8 Andy Burton, John Roberts -Peugeot Cosworth- 2500 B-13
9 Steve Petch, John Richardson- Hyundai Accent WRC-1998- A8
10 Paul Bird, Ian Windress -Ford Focus -1998-A8
11 Will Nicholls,Nick Broom-Subaru Impreza WRC=1998 -A8
12 Julian Reynolds, Ieuan Thomas-Ford Focus WRC- A8
14 Brendan Crealey, Steve Harris-Ford Focus WRC-1998- A8
15 David Mann, Alun Cook -Subaru Impreza WRC-1998- B13
16 Steve Fleck ,Tony Ettlinger -Subaru Impreza- A8
17 Steve Hendy , Aled Davies- Ford Escort WRC-1998- A8
18 Brian Bell, Paul Spooner- Ford Focus WRC-1998- A8
20 Stephen Harron, Sean Mullally- Subaru WRC - A8
22 Nik Elsmore, Nigel Gardner- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-1998-N4
23 David Wright, Shelley Rogerson- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8-1998- N4
24 Stuart Jones , Ross Butler -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8-1998-N4
25 Phillip Morrow, Simon Morrow -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 - 2000- N4
26 Anthony Willmington, Andrew Street- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-1998- N4
27 John Lloyd, Pauline Gullick-Subaru Impreza WRC-1998 -B13
28 Tristan Pye, Roger Herron -Subaru Impreza—2000-N4
29 Malcolm Proudlock, Steve Clark= Subaru Impreza -1998 -B13
30 Damian Cole, Den Golding- Subaru Impreza WRC -1998- A8
32 Ryan Champion, Craig Thorley -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6-1998- N4
33 Tim Pearcey, Mick Johnson -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 -1997- N4
34 Alex Sabater, Miquel Amblas- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7- 1997 -N4
35 Gareth MacHale, Clive Jenkins -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 -2000- N4
36 Geoff Underhill, Adrian Grinsted- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 -1998- N4
37 Wug Utting, Max Utting -Subaru Impreza N10-1994- N4
38 Olly Marshall, Jon Desborough- Skoda Octavia WRC EVO 3 -1999 -A8
39 Paul Alexander, Mike Panes- Mitsubishi Lancer- 2000- B13
40 Stuart Larbey , Paul Hollingham- MG Metro 6R4 - 2800- B13
42 John Hardy, Richard Firth- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6-1995 -N4
43 Callum Guy, Andy Bull -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-1997-N4
44 Colin Greer, Neil Ewing- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6-1998- N4
45 Neil McCance, Graham Hopewell- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 -2000 -N4
46 Kevin Stevens, Stewart Foley- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-998 -N4
47 William Bonniwell, Ian Fraser -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 -1998 N4
48 Tony Phillips, Rupert Barker -Subaru Impreza -B13
49 Charles Clot, Gaetan Houssin- Mazda 323 GTR-1860-B13
50 Martin Wyeth, Mark Withers- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 -2000- N4
52 Peter Egerton, Simon Staddon- Hyundai Accent WRC-1998 -A8
53 Andrew Barnes, Calvin Cooledge- Subaru Impreza -1998 -A8
54 Connor McCloskey, Damien Duffin- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 -2000 -N4
55 Ed Stallard, Richard Edwards -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8-1998- N4
56 Damon Harvey, Aled Davies- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8-N4
57 Darren Snape Anthony Adams- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4-1997- N4
59 Martin Newcombe, Peter Newcombe -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 -1997- N4
60 Simon Close, Jason Hunt -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6- 2000- N4
61 Jon Tucker, Hamish Campbell -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 -1996- N4
62 Paul James, Derek Davies -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8-1998 -N4
63 Noel Kelly, James Kelly -Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 -1998 -N4
65 Brendan Murphy, TBA -Subaru Impreza - 2000 -N4
66 Stephen Petch, Michael Wilkinson- Subaru Impreza -1998 -N4
67 Harry Dodd, Roy Campbell =Hyundai Accent WRC- 1997- A8
68 Rod Bennet,t David Heaven- Lancia Delta HF Integrale-1995 -B13
69 Richard Sykes, Simon Taylor- Peugeot 206 Xsi-1600- A6
70 Mike Faulkner, Peter Foy -Peugeot 206 Xsi-1600 -A6
71 Jonnie Wigmore, Robbie Durant -Peugeot 206 XSi -1600- A6
72 Paul Jones , TBA- Peugeot 206 XSi -1587- A6
73 Colin Britton, Kenny Hull- Peugeot 206 XSi -1589 -A6
75 Gary Hayter, Richard Aitken-Subaru Impreza-2000 -B13
76 Charlie Jackson, Ben Smith -Ford Escort Cosworth-2000- B13
77 Peter Owen , Peter Wood -Subaru Impreza WRC -1994 -A8
78 Shelley Taunt, Julie Murphy -Subaru Impreza -1994- N4
79 Tony Jardine , TBA -MG ZR 160- 1748-N3
80 Michael O'Brien, TBA -Peugeot 206 Xsi-1596- A6
81 Daniel Barry, Ben Doran-Peugeot 206 XSi -1600 -A6
82 Owen Murphy, Naill O'Sullivan -Peugeot 206 Xsi-1600 -A6
83 Trevor Martin, Ray Cleghorn-Peugeot 206 Xsi-1600- A6
84 Clive Wheeler , Ken Bartram- Peugeot 206 Xsi-1596 -A6
86 Mark Court , Adam Dunn- Subaru Impreza -2000 -B13
87 Steve Colville, Fiona Colville-Suzuki Swift -1298- B9
88 Richard Waite, Darren Hutt -Subaru Legacy RS- 2000 -B13
89 Simon Dowdeswell, Ian Anderson -Land Rover Defender 90-4000 -B13
90 Andy Drummond, Jon Chester-Land Rover Discovery Estate -3900 -B13
91 Jonathan Sparks, Bradley Magnus- Peugeot 206-1598 =A6
92 Declan Magee, Benny Grainger-Peugeot 206-1596- A6
94 Conor Harvey, Patrick Robinson-Peugeot 206 XSi - A6
95 Stuart Haskins, Mike White- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7-1990- N4
96 Malcolm Conibear, Richard Graham-Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 2-2000 -B11
97 Kevin Mechem, Collete Mechem -Ford Escort MK II -1998 -B11
98 Lee Rennison, Mark Parsons -Ford Escort RS-1993- A7
99 Alan Spratt , TBA- Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 3-1998 -B13
100 Adrian Hartfield, Russell Wheatley -Peugeot 206 Special -B13
101 Simon Taft , Steve Deeley -Peugeot 106 Cup- A6
102 James Beckett, Colin Beckett -Skoda Favorit-1289-B9
103 Darren Ray, Les Harrogate-Ford Escort Mk II - 2000 -B11
104 Michael Head, Alan McHenry- Citroen AX GT-1298 -B9
105 Roger Ray, Barry Hyett-Ford Fiesta-1598 -B10
106 Barrie Purrett , Sally Monk -Proton Compact -1298 -N1
107 Alec Holding, Tony Cotton- Peugeot 205-1900- B11
108 Clive Anstey, Mark Glennester- Vauxhall Nova-1397- B9
110 Darren Jones, Kevin Jackson -Skoda Favorit-1289- B9

As always on Rallye Sunseeker spectators will be able to get a great view of the action.

On Friday 25th February you can visit Scrutineering at Castlepoint/Littledown Centre and watch the cars undergoing safety and technical checks as well as listen to driver interviews. Scrutineering starts at 09.30 and finishes at 16.00
Admission is free

Later in the day you will be able to watch the cars as they tackle the first two stages of the rally through the Lower Gardens and across Pier Approach in Bournemouth, starting at 18.30 and finishing at 21.00.
There is no charge for spectators but normal car parking charges apply in the nearby council car parks.The next day the cars take to the forest roads of Dorset and private roads in Somerley Park near Ringwood.

Regular rally spectators know that there is nothing more exciting than watching powerful cars scrabbling for grip on forest tracks as drivers fight to shave tenths of a second off their time, but fast cars and pedestrians can be a potentially dangerous combination. And, with ever more people eager to share the excitement of southern England’s premier rally, the safety of drivers, spectators and marshals continues to be our top priority.
Rallye Sunseeker has always been at the forefront of improving the safety of rallying and many of our innovations have been adopted by other events in the UK and abroad. Working with landowners and the police, Spectator Safety Officer David Walton has introduced some further improvements to car parking and spectator areas to offer you some of the safest places to watch the action.
The volunteer marshals will guide you away from the areas of highest risk such as the outside of bends or where cars could over-shoot junctions, but it is physically impossible for those marshals to cover every yard of a 10-mile stage. We therefore also rely on you to obey the warning signs, act sensibly and think about your own safety when spectating.
Would you describe walking, cycling, or pushing a baby-buggy alongside a motorway as sensible? No, of course you wouldn’t. So, with rally cars travelling faster than motorway traffic, but on narrow, twisting tracks, it’s equally daft to walk or cycle on a special stage. Neither is it sensible to stand – let alone sit – on a bend or junction where a car might slide off the track.
Rallye Sunseeker has an excellent safety record and we want you to help us keep it that way. Follow the safety guidelines in this programme and on the signs at special stages. If you are asked to move by the marshals or the safety cars that run in front of the first competitors, please do so. If you or other spectators stand in a dangerous place, the stage will be cancelled and everyone will miss out on the excitement of seeing top rally drivers in action.
That action involves rally cars being driven at the limit, so accidents can - and do - happen. This is when the second element of our pre-event safety planning – the response to incidents involving competitors – is put to the test. Rallye Sunseeker is able to call on the services of a wide range of highly-skilled support services capable of handling the most severe incidents.
But, before we can deal with an incident we need to know what has happened and where. We therefore have a network of radio operators on each special stage, linked through our control centre to all the senior officials. Based on the information received from the marshals and radio operators, a decision is taken on what response is required.
There is always a minimum of one doctor or paramedic available to respond, a rally rescue ambulance staffed with trained volunteers, plus a recovery vehicle, again crewed by trained volunteers, all of whom can reach the scene of an accident quickly. At several venues there are additional doctors, ambulances and recovery units if extra support is required. St John Ambulance Brigade also has first aid teams on duty and the Dorset Air Ambulance is on-call for major medical emergencies. We have tried to minimise the risks to you and the crews without destroying the spectacle that makes rallying so enjoyable. We want you to enjoy the action safely so, hey, let’s be careful out there.

more info here:-

more info here:-
WRC Rally Blue 55 plate STi.
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Hi all we are going to this for the first time(sunseeker virgins ). Really looking forward
to it, got car pass to all car parks so we are just working out the best plan of action .
Hope the snow is still around it'll be a mini sweedish rally

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I didn't realise that so many cars took part in this, wow :shock: 8)
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