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Wiring Foglights as Spotlights
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Wiring Foglights as Spotlights

I have just bought myself a W reg Sumbaru Impreza 2000 Turbo, I love it, however riving at night the roads round the Lake district are pretty dark, we dont tend to get street lights and the headlamps are nothing special.

Stick on the fog lights however and its a different story its like daylight, however the cops are pretty strict on having foglights on round here and I dont want to give them an excuse to pull me over just because Im a young lad in a scooby.

So what I want to do is find a way to wire the foglight so normally they come on with main beam and go off and dipped leadlights, but then also work as normal fog lights when the fog light stitch is pressed.

I know I can do this by just dropping down a live from the mian beam to the live of my fog lights, however the problem comes in that this will mean that when I press the foglight switch under foggy conditions my main beam lights will come on all the time as the live from the foglights will go back up the wires.

Is there a way round this?

Thanks Robb
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Re: Wiring Foglights as Spotlights

Possibly do it with a relay theres 4pins(ya may know this)earth/feed ie 12v from battery/output to in your case lights and then switch(like remote on a car amp theres power to relay all the time (depending on where supply`s took from) but untill it see`s 12v wont switch.

Earth and live feed(battery)are obvious as is wire to driving lights, take wire to the switch pin of relay off the wire that becomes live(as youve mentioned)behind headlight when main beams on.

Only thing im not 100% sure off is if you`ll kill the relay when driving lights alone are on ie 12v to the output of the relay when its off, bein honest ive only ever wired up fog/spot lights to come on either on a switch or with main beam not both.

Other thing ya could do is have a switch wired in on the wire between the headlights main beam and driving lights 12v+ wire if ya just dropped a wire down, but that is then still relying on you switching it to turn main beam off whilst driving lights are on,then bk on so they work with main beam just means wire to inside of car to a switch an back both wires split into 2 wires at lights end.

Im sure theres a component that`l only let power flow one way ya could put in on the wire between main beam an driving lights that`d make this a whole lot easier but im fcuked if i can remember what it is,or if i`ve just dreamt it knew i should have listened at school
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Re: Wiring Foglights as Spotlights

Just done a bit of research and I believe an electric 1 way valve is a Diode?

Sound familiar? Anyone good with electeric know if that will work in the live wire?
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Re: Wiring Foglights as Spotlights

I just put in a new spotlight relay and it worked a treat.

I now have the fogs on with main beam but still work as fogs when needed without tuning the main beam on.

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Re: Wiring Foglights as Spotlights

Sounds just like what I want to do - got a guide as to how you did it?
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Re: Wiring Foglights as Spotlights

Originally Posted by SiofChester View Post
Sounds just like what I want to do - got a guide as to how you did it?

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