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Info: Acronyms - Subaru Impreza
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Info: Acronyms - Subaru Impreza

Acronyms and their meanings

ABS .....Antilock Braking System
BOV ..... Blow Of Valve - VTA = Vent To Atmosphere
FMIC ....Front Mounted InterCooler
TMIC ....Top Mounted InterCooler
DCCD....Driver Control Centre Differential
LSD ..... Limited Slip Differential
ECU......Electronic Control Unit (computer
ITC.......Ignition Timing Controller
STI ..... Subaru Technical International
RPM......Revolution per minute
MPH= ..Miles Per Hour
MAF......Mass Air Flow Sensor
PPP......Prodrive Performance Pack
D/P.. = down pipe
DECAT-Decatted Exhaust Pipe
BHP..= Break Horse Power
OB....=Octane Booster
JDM=...Jap Domestic Market
MAP = Manifold Air Pressure (sensor
MBC = Manual Boost Controller
RB5 = .A limited edition Impreza produced in 1999? (was it?)
VIN =. Vehicle Identification Number
P1 =.. Limited Edtn Prodrive Impreza
WR1=.Limited Edtn NewAge Impreza
555=..Sponsors of the Subaru World Rally Team
SWRT=Subaru World Rally Team
NM's ..(of torque)= Newton Metres
TPS=..Throttle Position Sensor
MY= ...My Year of Car (Example MY99 would be a 1999 year of registration)
GANGY= Green anorak no girl friend yet... for all the other spotters out there
WRC= World Rally Car
WRB= World Rally Blue
PSI=,, Pounds per squair inch (measure of pressure)
USDM= US domestic market
VC= ...Viscous coupling
VDC= .Vehicle dynamic control ............Subaru version of Yaw control
WRC= World rally championship
WRX= World rally experimental
WTB= Want to buy
MIL = Malfunction Indicator Lamp
YMMV=Your mileage may vary
TT= ....Twin turbo
TT= ....Turbo timer
TSB=. .Technical service bulletin
TDC= ..Top dead centre
T/C = ..Turbo charger
TACHO= Tachometer
SOHC=Single overhead camshaft
SEMA= Speciality equipment markerters association
PS= ....German measure of horse power= Pherdestdrke
PSI= ...Pounds per square inch
R&D= ..Research and development
RHD= ..Right hand drive
RON= ..Research octane number
RS= .... Rally sport
RWD = Rear wheel drive
RTFM= Read the flipping manual
RWHP=Rear wheel horse power (Rolling road measure)
RR= ....Rolling road
SAE= ..Society of automotive engineers
S/C= ...Super charger
MAS= ..Mass air flow meter
MT= ....Manual transmission
NA= .....Normaly aspirated (non turbo)
NASIOC= North American Subaru Impreza owners club
Nm= ....Newton Meters (a measurement associated with torque)
NOS= ..Nitrous oxide supplier
NOX= ..Nitrous oxide
O2= ....Oxygen
OEM=..Original equipment manufacturer
HID= ...High density discharge lights
IAC= ...Idle air control
ICE= ...In car entertainment
JTCC=..Japanese touring car chapionship
KPH= ..kilometers per hour
Kw= ....Measurement of power (Kilo-watt)
LHD= ..left hand drive
EFI= ...Electronic fuel injection
EGR= ..Exhaust gas recirculation
EJ20= .Engine 2.0 litre
EJ25= .Engein 2.5 litre
FHI= ...Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru parent company)
FF= ....Front engined front wheel drive
GT= ,,,.Grande Tourismo
H-4= ..Horizontaly oposed four cylinder engine (boxer engine)
Boxer=See above
Cd= ....Coefficient drag (measurement of drag)
CEL=.. Check engine light
CV= ....Constant velocity (joint)
Diff= ...Differential gear
DOHC .Double overhead camshaft
DYNO=Rolling road measuring device
EBC.....Eectronic boost controller
5MT= .Five speed gearbox (Manual transmission)
6MT= .Six speed gearbox (Manual transmission)
AT= ....Automatic transmission
BAR= ..Barometric pressure measurement 1bar=14.7 PSI at sea level 1 atmosphere
USDM =US domestic market
22B = ..Not an acronym, but a special model Impreza released in 1998
VVT = ..Variable Valve Timing
DC = ...Direct Current
RA = ....Race Altered
AVC = ..Actuator Valve Controller (the thing that bleeds off air that goes to the wastegate actuator
Gatso= Revenue collection machine posing as safety device (who's bitter!)

Acronyms and their meanings commonly used on online forums and boards.

AFAIC ..As far as I'm concerned
AFAIK ..As far as I know
AFK .....Away from keyboard
BRB .....Be right back
BTDT ...Been there, done that
BTW ... By the way
BUAG ...Butt-ugly ASCII graphic
C/C .....Comments and criticism
EOM ....End of message
FTW ,,,.For the win
FWIW ..For what it's worth
FYI .....For your information
HTH ....Hope this helps
IANAL ..I am not a lawyer
IIRC ....If I recall correctly
IMHO ..In my humble opinion
IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion
IMO ....In my opinion
IOW ....In other words
LFG .....Looking for group, usually used in MMORPG
LMAO ..Laughing my ass off
LOL .....Laughing out loud
MOTAS Member of the appropriate sex
MOTOS Member of the opposite sex
MOTSS Member of the same sex
NG ......Newsgroup
n00b ...From "newbie", meaning a newcomer not yet familiar with the rules
OTOH ..On the other hand
PMSL Peeing myself larfing
RL ......Real Life, as opposed to the Internet
ROFL '''.Rolling on the floor laughing
RAFPMSL Rolling around the floor pissing myself laughing
ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

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