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Gauges - Advice
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Gauges - Advice

OK time to fit some gauges....I'm looking at boost,oil temp and oil pressure,probably Defi,all pod mounted centrally. So, as you know, I'm in the middle of nowhere here and will be fitting these myself ( gulp).Can anyone tell me if this is a fairly straightforward job or is it a mind bending,finger grazing,spanner rashing annoyance that should be left to the experts? Any little tips I should know about before attempting this?
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David you can fit them yourself just depends on how much flesh you want to lose whilst doing it No Seriously tho' I had an A-Pillar with AFR and Boost Gauge fitted by a local performance garage. I really didn't want the hassle of sorting them out plus knowing me I would have snapped/broken a part of my interior trim
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although you can do them yourself maybe better to enlist he help of experts m8 :wink:
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Thanks for the input....think I'll order the bits up and get the professionals in- like you Nelson I think I will no doubt make a hash of something if I try myself.
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Originally Posted by davidR
Thanks for the input....think I'll order the bits up and get the professionals in- like you Nelson I think I will no doubt make a hash of something if I try myself.
My only suggestion is that you go with electrical gauges. Mechanical gauges are more difficult to install. Plus, I've never been a big fan of porting fluids to the interior of a car...which is basically what you do when you hook up a mechanical pressure, or temperature gauge. One bad or broken connection, and you've got oil, or coolant all over your floorboards. *wink*
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It's all fairly easy, as long as you make sure you get all the right adaptors for the Oil Pressure and Oil Temp gauges. the boost gauge is dead easy as it picks up off the spare nipple fron the inlet manifold.

I used an M18 x 1.5 To 1/8NPT above Piston number 3 (near turbo/interccoler hose).for Oil Pressure. Remove the Subaru blanking plug and fit the above adaptor. Run the elctrical wire through the grommet under the brake fluid resovoir.

I used a sump plug drilled with a 1/8NPT thread for the Oil Temp sensor, again running the wires as above. Some people don't like using the sump for Temp, but I have had no problems and very little variation.

Boost , as mentioned above comes from the spare nipple. Route the hose nice and tidy under the intercooler, then through the same hole as above.

The electrical side is also fiarly straight forward. Just pick up the earths and illumination from the back of one of the dash switches (that illuminates). Use good quality solder joints or crimps if possible tho'.

The Pod I used was from J-Spec and is held in place with double sided trim tape. the hardest bit is pulling the centre glove box out to remove the lid. It will come with a hefty tug, but is a bit scary.

The Adaptors are available from www.lemansmotorsport.co.uk
The M18 to 1/8 NPT is LMA064
The sump I think is LMA084/S (it's not listed, but mention what it's for and they shoiuld have one). They made these up after I contacted them and supplied them with a genuine sump plug as a template.
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David, fitting the said gauges are really not as bad as it may sound, once you have gained access to the various sensor points
Oil pressure sensor located by the alternator, easy to get to once the alternator belt is removed and the alternater either removed or as i did swing it out the way. The origanal pressure sensor come's in two halfs, remove the half with the electrical spade connection leaving the other half in the engine, scew in your new sensor into this. Remember to use 3 or 4 wraps of PTFE tape just to be sure of no oil leaks.
Oil temp sensor, bit more difficult this one. I choose to locate my sensor over the number three cylinder, for two reasons. Firstly its said to be the hottest part of the boxer engine and secondly i didn't want any wire hanging under the car as you would have if you where to use the sump drain plug for a pick off point.
Once the intercooler and the dump valve assy is removed an 8mm hex OMG bung can be seen over the number three cylinder. Remove this. Quite tight this, so worth while getting hold of an 8mm allan key x 3/8 drive in a socket, if that makes sense. Should then come out quite easyly. Once that is removed you will need to scew in an adaptor, which will then take your temp sensor. I sourced mine from LeMans Motor Sport, P/N LMA067, this is an M18 1.5 to 1/8NPT adaptor, again use PTFE tape on the threads just to be sure.
Once the sensors are in the engine it just leaves the main wireing loom to be run back into the car. I chose to take my wires through the bulkhead where the aircon drain hose exits the car. The other hole worth consideration is to the left hand side of the intercooler just by the turbo, as viewed rearwards. In my case this hole was far to busy with other wires. The choice is yours. Connecting up electrically, use a multimeter and follow the instructions carefully. All my connection where made behind the center console area. I had a bit of trouble here on one of the gauges. For some reason i was getting back illumination before i had finished wireing up, and when i switched on the car lights the gauge lights went out. Puzzling. Anyway i transfered the power wire from one gauge to another, transfering the problem to the other gauge. So it's not a faulty gauge then !!!. Looking closely at the power wires from each gauge (4 wire's on each) i noticed thet one lead was 180 deg out compared to the other. eg orange was white, black was red and so on, so with that in mind i relabled the wire's there new colour, connected up accordingly and hey presto things now worked fine.
Boost gauge easy. should find a three way tapping supplied by Subaru on the exhaust manifold. run the vaccum pipe from here to back of gauge, connect the two wire's and away you go. Easy peasy.
The gauge pod i used was one i got from Teknopete. I removed the center air vents and installed the gauges in here. I was looking for a mount that was a little more subtle than the usual dash mounted pods. Ok, i have done away with the air vents but to be honest i don't miss them. I've included a shot of the pod from Pete's web site although his is a silver colour, mine black, Pete will spray the panel any colour you want.


This mod was carried out using Defi gauges, installed into a 96(N) Sti Wagon.
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Get Defi guages m8 easy to install. The only hard bit is getting the bits in the first place. Try Xtreme Scoobies and Scoobymania if you want hassle free service.
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