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Question Flatline

I have a 1993 Impreza with the 1.8. I put in a new battery,and a new ground cable,and the car started and ran about a week. It now however will not start even when you attempt jump starting. You can hear the fuel pump pressurize,and when the key is turned ,the lights on the dash dim slightly as if it wants to start. All lights ,radio,accesories work. I was told that it could be a temperature sensor. The car has just over 180,000 on it,and when it ran was smooth quiet and did not smoke. Can someone tell me if this sensor would cause a no start situation, or a crank sensor or a cam sensor.
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Re: Flatline

I guess you bought a new battery because the old one died, was there any other faults ? It sounds like the altenator isn't charging, have you tested it ?
Not sure how this could be a sensor ?
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Re: Flatline

When I bought the car the battery was old and in bad shape. The ground cable would not tighten and would come loose and the car would not start. would twist the cable and then the car would start and maybe run a few days till the cable came loose again. occasionally jumped the car and would start right up. No error codes or check engine lights. Replaced cable, and had to jump start to get it to run,it ran about three days and it will not start again.I had a 96 Impreza with a 2.2 and it wouldn't start one time and I changed out a sensor but do not remember which one. That car had 246,000 + miles on it. Will try and clean cam and crank sensor and maybe replace the positve battery cable.
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Re: Flatline

Sounds like a bad connection somewhere to me. Take off battery connections clean and Vaseline them and see
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Re: Flatline

As Matt said check the alternator as well, may not be charging the battery
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