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Fuel consumption Mythology
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Fuel consumption Mythology

Ok... here is the story

Dispelling myths and telling it the way it is......

Dont diss the scooby

Im in work minding my own... in walks a colleague with the swagger of a dog with two dicks

I ask him.. what's occuring buddy? He announces he has just bought a diesel 'performance' Tdi germanic panzer wagon

I say... congrates matey... why a diesel? He explains how he will be saving the planet and how evil and stupid all us boy racer Scooby owners are and how much money he will save compared to us mere mortals who only get miniscule ammounts per gallon etc etc

So me being me... I decide to piss on his parade

I asked him how much he paid for the car... 24k
I asked him how many miles per gallon he gets... 45 ave
I ask him how much diesel is at present 1.10 per litre appx
I ask him how much tax he is paying 200 + per year
Insurance?.... 400 comp
Service intervals 8k oil change and 16k oil and filters appx 400 per year (Main dealer prices)
and then ask what is the depreciation on his model? Depreciation? no idea he says... I inform him he will loose appx 30% in no time at all so thats 8,000.00 in under three years!!!

I ask how much damage was caused to the environment by digging the ore to make the steel, burning the fuel to melt and form the steel and aluminium, how much fuel it took assemble the parts and how many chemicles it took make the plastic and the paint etc etc etc... to make his new car? He thinks on this and answers but I will use much less fuel than you and it will cost me and the planet less??

I asked him how many miles he is going to travel in his panzer wagon this year... 10k appx at 45mpg = 222 gallons = 1,100 appx

So then I go for the killer blow

I only paid 2k for my car and now it's worth 3k So it has appreciated by a grand

It's over ten years old.... and when I bought it, I didnt cause any earth rapeing, and it's recycling at it's best

It costs me (old codger) 285 To insure for 8k miles per year max fully comp

It is in the same tax band as his 'green car'

Servicing done by me or scooby specialist half of what he pays to the main stealers

My fuel bill this year will be, based on 5k miles, I cycle or walk to work (8 Miles a day)... at an average of 25 miles per gallon of Super at 1.10 a gallon = 1,200 so only 1.90 a week more than him

So my, so called, anti green, uneconomical earth unfreindly Scooby is cheaper to run, less damaging to the environment, much faster, much much more fun to own, cheaper to service, cheaper to replace consumable items and gives me a smile as big as dog with four bollocks to lick

He departed my office with his tail firmly tucked between his trendy pretentious green arse....

Now about my full decat....and remap

Long may we enjoy or scoobys and dont be fooled by the propaganda
Poor but happy!
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Re: Fuel consumption Mythology

Well done matey!!
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Re: Fuel consumption Mythology

i had a philosophical conversation with a taxi driver recently on similar terms. He insisted that by scrapping older(polluting) cars for newly produced(greener) cars we would be doing the polar bears a big favour. i tried explaining that it was the production of new cars that did most of the damage environmentally due to the mount of energy and waste it took to get the cars onto the forecourt, but alas, it did not compute.
it's one big money making scam n lie as always, just like buying 'a bag for life' from the supermarkets, which i now have dozens of and always forget to take shopping with me.
Interested in everything
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Re: Fuel consumption Mythology

hahaha BRILLIANT, that was just pure genius....
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Re: Fuel consumption Mythology

I'm sure i have read or heard that it is less polluting to run a range rover for 25 years driving 12 thousand a year than it is to build a prius hybrid thingy because of all the chemicals used to make and contained, in the battery

Food for thought
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Re: Fuel consumption Mythology

V good Dean
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