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hello all,

im just wondering if any of you have any advice on lowering.

ive got a hawkeye wrx and i cant seem to find any lowering springs for it.

has anyone on here lowered one? if so where did you get the gear, and also how much did you lower by? also any pics?

i came across a bloke that lowered an sti by 30mm and it ended up too low for leaving petrol stations or stuff like that.

the wrx would look alot nicer and would fill its arches a bit better if it was lower, theres a gap big enough to get your head in above the wheel.
well thats an exagggggeration.

heres the lowerd one i came across after a mooch about on google... theyre tein flex coilovers on this. he mentions that 30mm is track only. and he's in the u.s. so with our roads we'd destroy our cars on Labours roads

thing with the lowering ive never done it before so aint got a clue. plus i got the jap angle afterburner vortex and it hangs a bit low as it is at normal height

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Not hawkeye related but my classics 40mm lower an ya have to remember when ya pull up to a kerb across the front of ya car as its possible to catch the bumper,if i park half an half on the road/pavement where the downpipe comes down then straightens out catches the kerb if its too far on the pavement,the sml square speedhumps if ya forced to go over em catch the exhaust,have to be a bit careful on steep inclines that then level off-will put a pic up one day as its close on my drive-with a splitter on would be very close,if i come in my drive square on catch the sills as the pavement rises then the drive falls away so grounds my car in the middle,coming in at an angle clears it though.

All my cars have been lowered though so im used to the aggro it brings.
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round where i live 40mm wouldnt last 5 mins.
my high street has 4inch deep pot holes all over it and theyve been there a good 2years without gettin fixed.

im looking at around a 25mm maybe? front down a bit more than the back too.
would be good to see your pics dave.

having problems finding any lowering springs for the 06 models. they all seem to be only up to 05. unless they fit and they just aint got round to saying so.

is it pricey to actually have the springs fitted?
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Old 16 Mar 2008, 12:44 PM   #4 (permalink)
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prodrive springs will fit it - they will lower the wrx by about 20mm - you wont have any clearance issues.

The gap from centre of hub to bottom of wheel arch on mine is 345mm but that is on adjustable coilovers.

It is going to come down another 15mm shortly.
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do you have any issues with wheels once its lowered? i was thinking of having it lowered first, then waiting out my wheels until ive decided AND when my tyres have worn out.
but im worried about if i go up to 18x 8 wheels, will it have any troulbe if its been lowered?
i had a butchers at the prodrive springs and theyre pretty bloody cheap considering!
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