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More Dump valve Questions
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Old 01 Jun 2004, 01:48 PM   #1 (permalink)
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More Dump valve Questions

What are the advantages of an after market dump valve :?: :?:
The standard dump valve on my STi has a subtle Whoosh, if that's the technical term, but have read that different dump valves have advantages with regard to stress relief, ooh er mrs
Is it worth the expense of fitting a new one :?: If so why :?:
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Hmmmm - this question has raged on - on many other forums about whether after market dumpers are really necessary......and in a word they're not. If you car is standard spec or even lightly tuned then your existing dump valve is more than sufficient to do the job. If however you start running a lot of boost or maybe you car has a leaky d/valve then it is worth replacing it. You then come down to whether you want it to be VTA (vent to atmosphere) or Recirculation. The VTA gives you a Whoosh when it dumps which the Recirc does but to a much quieter extent and then its down to how much you want to spend on a replacement ? I would have thought that on a new car such as yours, your dump valve would be fine so unless you fancy a whoosh sound and maybe a bit more under bonnet apperance enhancement I would just stick with what you have got. :roll:

There has been a previous thread on here regarding Dump Valves and which one to go for should you need anymore info.
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No benefit whatsoever unless you are running seriously big boost. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.
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Thanks nelson,
Sound advice I'm sure. Yes, the dump valve on my car is fine so no need to replace.
RHH, no didn't want to hear anything but good advice, so thanks for yours.
was only concerned that an after market valve may extend the life of the turbo.
But as you point out this probably only relates to big boost figures.
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