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Import bits on UK model, and Air Con fitting
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Import bits on UK model, and Air Con fitting

Morning chaps ...

Last October I asked about fitting air con on these forums, a roof vent was suggested along with some musings from some other members ....

Well, the day is upon us ... my orange scooby ( the one everyone hated ) blew up months ago, I have spent the last week getting my green scooby up to scratch. I've taken every thing off the orange one, and I mean everything ( except the body kit ), theres only half an engine left and absolutely no interior. The orange scooby had aircon fitted, so I figure it will cost me 0 to fit, I already have everything that I might need to get aircon to work .... I think ...

So here's what I need to know, what bits off the import engine can I stick on the UK one to A) give it more power and B) get aircon to work.

I got the pump and rad off ( no gases leaked - it's been empty for ages ), I see the huge thing behind the glove is different and the switches are different, obviously I need those, but what about wiring ( also got harness from engine bay to pump ), I have a friend who fancies himself as an electrician so if a schematic is all can be found than that'll do, I'll just fit the mechanicals and he can do the wiring after right ?? Though I was sort of hoping it'd be an easy swap, what about having the fuse box out of the orange one ??

Also, when I got the import car I was under the impression it had a walbro pump, how can you tell if it's walbro they both look the same to me, even the same colour ?? So I've left the UK's pump in ...

If it matters, the import didn't have ABS, which I'd like to keep on the UK model for obvious reasons ... it didn't have airbags either, but I've removed them from UK model anyway to get nardi wheel on ... also the orange one has two radiator fans on it, I assume this is because of aircon, what about wiring both fans, do I need 2 fan rad if I'm gonna have aircon, the rad on the UK one is pretty much new, done about 4k ...

While I'm changing bits, my filler pipe on uk scooby leaks, what's the procedure to swap it ?? The leak is at the bottom of the pipe before it starts going up to the tank, or at least that's where the petrol comes out and hits the floor ...

One more thing, can I get the heads off with the engine in the bay ?? We want the pistons out of the orange one for our piston collection, or a piston ? ( does anyone else do that ? )

Only 9 more days till I'm back on the road

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Re: Import bits on UK model, and Air Con fitting

hi theres a hell of a lot of questions in there!, first thing about aircon is im pretty sure theres an interior temp sensor on them , normally near heater switches in most cars, you will need both fans for it to work well does your car not have the wiring hanging for the second fan? and the piston thing! no if i kept pistons from broken engines id have a hell of a collection, one of the front pistons could be took out with a lot of difficulty as you need to remove head with maybe only an inch for tools either side and if car is high mileage youd struggle to pull gudgeon pin out of block when its sat in engine bay!
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