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Subaru Impreza Dot Org comments (other site)
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Old 22 Sep 2006, 06:10 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Subaru Impreza Dot Org comments (other site)

Wow, this makes good reading. Would like to make a few comments since the thread has been locked down (an interesting and probably noble gesture by Richy B – Thanks M8 )

Originally Posted by Richy B
I use to love going on there and helping out with the technical, but since Gareth has left Subaru ownership I think his heart has gone out of it!!!
My response: Very very unture, my love for the Impreza is still very much alive – this will never change, much like running your own business hey Rich? One fails still want to try again… Now that’s love.

Originally Posted by Phill
Its a shame, cos ever since I've owned my Subaru, I've been a member there and I dont so much like it now....
My response: Its sad to read this Phill but I can accept people change. But most importantly people have their own opinions – this is what makes the world tick!

Originally Posted by Batfink
Yep not for me anymore as I've been banned
My response: You have been banned for a very good reason… Purposely (knowing or unknowingly) winding up people on the site is not accepted behavior. People need to know the truth about your position I think – For all, Batfink wanted to moderate these forums and I choose someone else, Batfink / Tidgy (new moderator) went into loggerhead and as such I gave free forum upgrade to Batfink to keep the peace. Batfink’s attitude towards our moderator (Tidgy) and members was inappropriate (Very)...

Originally Posted by triplezoney
No events, no attendance
My response: It is the dot org’s intentions to stay online – for the long term benefit of the Subaru community and those that wish to find relevant information about the Subaru online. Online is where dot org sits best and its our intention to stay online. There are a multitude of forums and clubs about the UK that have meets and events for the Subaru, I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel - This is why i created the map for all to see where their local club is http://www.subaru-impreza.org/impreza-club-map.html

Originally Posted by triplezoney
makes a fair bit of cash tho apparently???
My response: Your sources of information are incorrect – I am in debt each and every month for a dedicated server to keep the site online. This is my passion (Richy) and will never change.

Originally Posted by triplezoney
I can run a friendly & thriving Forum without charging my members.
My response: But you are using free forum software and hosting, I wonder if you would seek some funding if you were in debt each and every month for forum software and dedicated hosting? (do you know how much dedicated costs?) A completly voluntary upgrade - NOTHING is hidden from our members and most is available as a guest

Originally Posted by triplezoney
Any cash we do make, all goes back into the Forum
My response: Yes m8, best policy… We do too

Well, ive responded and I hope it clears up a few things

I just love this forum ownership stuff, full time universtity, full time work, father of a 2 year old I must be dedicated huh


p.s Its not my most mature of a response is it... But just wanted to keep things level

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most deffiantely Gareth !
how on earth you combine all of that is beyond me hun !

I appreciate the admins of forums i use.... have recently become a moderator on one of my motorbike sites... mainly because admin doesn't have the time to keep a check on the place!

three cheers for Gareth !
well done matey !
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Well said and from the heart
All the best

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Well said Gareth......

This site has had it's ups and downs the same as most other sites.

I'm a member of a couple of other scooby sites but i still find this one the friendliest and busiest without being too busy and i'll keep on coming back

keep up the good work m8
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Im a member of a few Subaru sites and I have always found this site the best.
Perhaps .ORG members have forgot what a good thing they have got going

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I, for one, like this site the best. All of the American sites are full of a bunch of punk kids that are smart asses. This site is very informative; and the members are extremely helpful. The only part that sucks is that all you guys live across the pond. I can't meet any of you.
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Even as a Non-Scoob owner I still see this place as the No1 site for Scooby owners. Its always been very friendly here and the technical help has been top notch......its the one place where people do not make you feel stupid for asking a basic question etc. As a site/club owner myself I know whats involved with keeping a club/site/forum going and believe me its not easy and I have nowhere near the number of members as Impreza.org has. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that people don't know about and if Gareth is out of pocket then I think people need to remember what it is he is providing and lets not forget people the guy has his own life too CLubs and forums change - new members come along - thats just the way it goes, I just wish people would at times think back and remember what they have got from a club.

I can imagine it feels a bit like a kick in the teeth for Gareth cos it certainly appears some people have taken a swipe at him without knowing all the facts?! Either way fair play to you Gareth for speaking out and giving your side of the story - just remember mate you will never please everyone - just KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
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It is a good site but over the past 6 months things have changed and things arent as good as they once where.
The events side of things I think is very different to sort anything out, as there are so many people on this site that live literally, each end of the country and so it can be rather impossible to orginise something. Plus the amount of members on the site would make it rather impossible to get all in one place!

Nothing against Gareth as I mentioned to him, but things arent what they used to be, many just the tone of some of the members, but even some of the 'older' members dont come here any longer which is a shame as we used to get along fine.

Different people is what makes the world go round, but it can also lead to problems as well and knowing when to step in is probably one of the biggest as sometimes you could be considered too hard one time and not hard enough the other.

I try to cater to everyone, whether or not I might not see eye to eye, but I certainly aint gonna step on peoples toes because something aint right. If someone isnt being treated right and others are seeing it, then I think people should be able to stand up and say, listen, look and think a bit more. If they dont take note, then things should be done.. But I believe that should be down to the mod's and the site owner, Gareth to have the final say.

I'm no mod and I certainly aint no mechnic, but I've met some nice people here and I intend on seeing how things go. I just wish at times, the spamming would calm down, wherever it might be (in or out of spam land).

No ranting, just my opinions I hope you dont mind Gareth
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im staying out of this.
blah blah blah
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Just to put a spanner in the works.....


No really, Gareth, that was a brilliant response...very diplomatic.....well done..
Old 23 Sep 2006, 10:00 AM   #11 (permalink)
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I`d echo phils comments Tbh,I havent been spending as much time on here as i used to as a result.Appreciate the work thats gone in to this site-just dont spend much time on the forums (other than helping ppl where i can)but ppl know what i think-great site for the masses spoilt by the minority.
Still the most friendly group of scooby owners you will ever meet though which is the only reason i pop bk now and again.
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I am new here, but i find this site to be basically a very decent place to visit. All of you guys have been very welcoming indeed and i'm yet to be derided or insulted by anyone on this site. That includes past and present members.

As an international browser the regional sites are of bugger all use to me so a BIG THANKS for getting this one going. I may not contribute much (being a total novice when it comes to Turbo equipped cars) but i spend a lot of time browsing and getting informed without being patronised or ragged on for not using the search facility like too many other sites.

Again thanks and I'm just sorry certain people feel the way they do.


Old 23 Sep 2006, 02:33 PM   #13 (permalink)
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What’s going on…. I visit this site nearly every day and knew nothing about this. If I thought there was some thing wrong then I would bring it up on THIS site but for me all seems the same. Gareth owning a EVO has nothing to do with how the site is run I’m sure Gareth still puts lots of hours into the forum and thinks of the place as his baby even though he has no scoob…God knows how many are on this site and other sites who are not old enough to own a scoob or just own other cars. They have an interest in scoobs and that’s what counts.

I have just read Batfink has been band for a 12 month… Sorry to hear this, Batfink is a young lad with a love for scoobs spends his time learning about them instead of stealing and keying them like so many of our young lads today. I do not know what Batfink has done to upset the members or mods but I do know he was well baited by mods and members. Its not my place to tell Gareth or the mods what should be done about Batfink but they should look at some of the earlier post that are quite honestly just there to bait him.
Hope I have not upset to many of the mods and members but thought I should post the thoughts of one of the .org members.
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Agreed bob

Everyone has an opinion mate and they should be able to voice it without having someone thinking less of you.
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Originally Posted by Phill-type-R
Agreed bob

Everyone has an opinion mate and they should be able to voice it without having someone thinking less of you.
agree mate, problem is how far do you let that voice go? at what stage do you say that constructive critisism has become just abuse?
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