Saving Money on Teen Car Insurance

As a young driver, looking for car insurance can be a difficult process. Due to their age and lack of experience, the possibility of finding cheap car insurance seems unlikely. However, there are a few things that young drivers can do to get a good deal on their auto insurance.

Firstly, young drivers should always take a driving course. Car insurance providers use driving experience as a crucial factor in determining a driver's premiums. For younger drivers, there is little opportunity to prove that they have the amount of driving experience to qualify for discounted car insurance rates, so a certificate of completion for a driving course accounts for experience. Many car insurance providers also have discounts for older drivers who complete safe driving courses, as well.

Another thing that young drivers can do to reduce their car insurance rates is working hard in school. Believe it or not, students who are on the Honour Roll of the Dean's List get better rates on car insurance. Insurance providers base a driver's responsibility on a number of factors, and good grades indicate that a teenage is responsible in various aspects of their life.

This last tip may not be very well-received by younger drivers, but they should keep in mind that older cars get lower premiums. Now, it may not look cool to drive around in a 10-year-old car, but it will certainly liberate a couple of dollars each month to spend on entertainment, rather than hefty car insurance costs.

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